Admissions open for new academic year 2022-23. Early Batch Starting from April, 2022.

Early batch starting April, so that kids can start their fun time earlier and not have to wait till June (that’s when usually new academic year used to start).

Enriching students with focus on Individual students and interactive teaching methods.

Admission preference shall be given to students living in nearby neighborhood. Admissions will be strictly on first come first serve basis. Make an appointment to visit the school and complete admission related formalities. You can take the appointment by filling up the online inquiry form or over a phone call.

​Required documents for Admission:

1. Birth certificate (photo copy) – attested by notary/govt official
2. Your child’s passport photo (4 )
3. Parents passport photo (1 each)
4. Child’s Blood group proof (photocopy)
5. Address proof (photocopy)
6. Immunization record (if any)
7. Past progress record (if any)
8. Other medical record (if relevant) 

Now fill up super easy forms to register your child for Preschool or day care – admission form